The rent cost is shown in table below. This includes a person who will be present during the entire evening to handle the alcohol, answer any questions and supervise the event. You have access to the venue between 5PM to 3AM on weekdays and 10AM to 3AM on weekends, but please specify around which times you are planning to use the Green villa. For any further questions or to rent Gréens Villa please contact


You can bring your own light beverages, like sparkling water or soda, but all alcoholic beverages have to be bought via us. You will buy the beverages in advance from us, and after the party we rebuy what is left with a -10% deduction of the purchase price. We do not rebuy opened bottles of liquor/wine. We can also offer to sell beverages from our standard assortment for student friendly prices.


Our alcohol permit allows 1 member of the Stockholm University Student Union + guest, which means that at least half of your guests should be members of the student union if you are serving alcohol.

Membership kan be bought from their website, or if you want to buy membership for many guests at the same time you can do that through us, just let us know and we'll help you. 


You are responsible for setting up the tables like you want them and cleaning the premises after the party. You should always have some people helping with the party, but it is possible to hire some workers from us to help you with cleaning, doing dishes and serving, for example. The cost is 150 SEK + 100 SEK/h/person. If 4 people clean the place from 02.00 you are usually ready to leave by 03.00. If you wish to have the party going until 03.00, extra hours can be booked in advance for 230 SEK/h.

The venue

The venue takes 60 people seated and 120 people if the tables are removed.

We can not offer any catering, however we do have a fully equipped kitchen where caterad food can be heated up. Water bottles, wine-, champagne-, snaps- and regular glasse, smaller assiettes, plates and deep plates are included. 

Vases for flowers; small ones for each table and a couple of larger ones, and tea light holders are also included.

There is a projector that can be used with VGA or HDMI cord, please inform us in advance if you intend to use this. Minor (wall-mounted) speakers are included, these can be connected to a mobile device or computer. In addition to this it is possible to rent extra sound and light equipment; big speakers (4 ones) costs 700 SEK, if you also want to have lighting system it is a total of 1500 SEK, this includes a person who sets it all up according to your wishes.