About the Klubbmästeri:

The Klubbmästeri of NF (NFKM) is the part of NF that make sure there are pubs each thursday at Gréens Villa. The Klubbmästeri also arrange several parties, for the public and for the Klubbmästeri. If you like to go to parties, getting to know new people, contribute to the studentlife of Stockholm and most of all have fun the klubbmästeri is just for you!

Among Marskalkar(marshals), Vraque(wreque) and overalls

The Klubbmästeri is made up of a board (KMS) and so called marskalkar (marshals), that work and help out with the pubs and parties. There are also people in the Klubbmästeri that have been working and are now finished, these are called vraque (wreque). You will become a vraque if you've been a marskalk for about two years. We have awesome marskalksdinners (for those who've worked at the pub during the year and for vraque) which also have quests from other klubbmästeries in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden. The Klubbmästeri marskalks often wear white and green overalls, and if you would like to know about the klubbmästeri don't hesitate to ask any of the marskalks that you may meet at, for example, one of our thursdaypubs.

How do i join the klubbmästeri?

If you are intrested in joining the klubbmästeri you are more than welcome to one of our informationdinners at the start of each semester (around september during autumn and february during spring). At these dinners you will learn more about what it is that the klubbmästeri does, what a WB is and what is expected of a marskalk.

If you are intrested in going to one of these informationdinners, feel free to mail us at:


Here you can find KMS on facebook.